Cal-Pro 100 Diet Shake (14 serving Pouch)

$ 19.95 $ 26.00

Compare the new Cal·Pro 100 (pouches) to ProCal 100 packets.
Now available in 4 delicious flavors Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry & Cappuccino

*100 Calories
*15g Protein
*1 environmentally friendly pouch = 2 boxes of ProCal
*No Soy 
*No aspartame 
*Natural sweeteners (Stevia) 
*Balanced Nutritional Panel and Vitamin Fortified, and mixes into a shake or pudding. 
*Packaged in a “stand up” POUCH with a scoop to easily manage the serving portion. 
*Fourteen servings per bag with a pre-measured scoop. Less packaging, Less waste. 

Each 14 serving pouch of Cal·Pro 100 contains exactly 2x (twice) the product as one box.

Compare the Price:

2 boxes (14 packets) of ProCal 100 contains 406g and costs $27.00
1 pouch (14 servings) of Cal·Pro 100 contains 406g and costs $24.95 ($2.95 savings per pouch)

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