The R-Kane Nutritionals Story

It was late in 1999 when the Good Health phone rang. It was Robert Kaskey, the President of R-Kane products and a few of his fellow doctors leaning across the desk close to the phone.

Robert was was unsure at the time if he wanted his formulations distributed via the internet; he had never seen this done before and was a little concerned to say the least after receiving a few calls from some of his regular doctor customers.

I found Robert to be a kind understanding gentlemen as well as the team of doctors he had around him.

This was the beginning of a new era and so R-Kane formulations became readily available to any patient whom sought out Pro-Cal 100, Z-Pro 25, and Tiny Meal bars.

For 20+ years now Good Health LLC has offered the R-Kane Nationals formulations online. #procal100shakes #zpro25