History of Good Health LLC

Our History

Good Health LLC began in 1999 and was born from a 20-year legacy of supplement manufacturing through Natural Health Labs and direct sales through Qual Llife Systems LLC. What we have learned from this experience is the ever-widening gap between quality physician-grade formulations and the marketing mania. So where does that leave you?
Amazon Effect

We Provide a Healthy Solution

For any individual that chooses to take charge of their health and wellness, we provide a few important things.

  1. Affordable access to nutritional supplements that impact your health and longevity.
  2. Convenient access to products that can support your wellness journey.
  3. Knowledge - a person armed with the knowledge of choices is empowered to take charge of their health and make better lifestyle decisions.
Amazon Effect

The Amazon Effect

The convenience and prevalent choices of supplements offered through Amazon are practically endless. The downside to this is the economic reality that resellers need their markup, Amazon needs to get its markup, and the manufacturers need their markup. Simple math dictates that the only way for this overcrowded marketplace to continue is by cutting prices, which means cutting the cost of goods, which more often than not leads to a lesser quality supplement with sensationalized marketing.

Doctor Visit

Physician Formulas

These types of supplements are often sold exclusively through a health professional and usually maintain a very pristine formulation. They can't be found on discount market venues. The downside is that most consumers don't have access to these without paying for a doctor's visit, and the extra markup for the doctor's bottom line, their student loans, facility, etc...


Core Values

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