Good Health Gives Back

Beth Ann lost 130lbs in 12 months by walking, and using Pro-Cal 100 and a few supplements.

Good Health wants to give back to you for something you are already doing... "Talking". When we like a pair of shoes, or love a restaurant, its easy to talk about them isn't it? it comes naturally to us. But the stores and restaurants, do they give you a percentage of their sales? No way!

Well, Good Health pays you 10% just for sharing your story with others.
All you have to do is create your own Coupon Code and give your code out to others.

Get Started:

1. Create an account - its 100% free
2. Share your code - No strings attached
3. Earn 10% on every purchase

When a customer buys a case of Pro-Cal 100 ($378.00) you get paid $37.80.

All you have to do is email them your link with your code on the end.

Our Link:
Pay10 is the code that we chose. You can choose your own code (and change it any time) at your Account Login page.