About Us

Just an ordinary 50 something bloke

trying to fight aging, and cognitive decline just like the rest of us.
Now where did I leave my keys?

My lovely 'late' wife was instrumental in making sure we took care of ourselves. She called it "self care".

I was raised on a thousand acre lush green grass New Zealand sheep, cattle, goats, and red deer farm; 5000 head in all. So fresh vegetables, grass fed organic meat was just a stone throw away and I was the person preparing the meat. "Farm to Table" was not a catchy phrase back then, in fact I had never heard if it, this was just a way-of-life for our family.

Jes, on the other hand. Lived in the big cities of the US, an avid runner (completed a marathon), an organic vegetarian, and above all, a humane person. Kind and compassionate toward others, especially animals. Hence the reason I was permitted to eat only cage-free, free range, grass fed meats. "Happy meat" she called it. RIP my love. (1977-2022)

At Good Health we are doing a small part to help leave this world a happier and healthier place for our children and grandchildren.

  • First, by setting a healthy example of what we eat, and don't eat and why.
  • Understanding that unhealthy foods are ok in small amounts, and for special occasions.
  • Seeing that, "your waistline, is your lifeline" (using inches instead of pounds)