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Pro-Cal Vanilla Mint Pudding

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes Servings: 1 Ingredients: 1 Packet Pro-Cal Vanilla 1 Peppermint Tea Bag 5 oz Hot Water 1 ice cube  Preparation:  Brew and steep tea for 10 minutes in 5 oz of hot water.   Squeeze tea bag to get as much flavor as possible and discard; chill with an ice cube. ...

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About Us

The Good Health LLC team has been distributing Pro-Cal 100 shakes and Tiny Meal Bars online since 1999. Then later the Z-Pro 25 Shakes were introduced by the late Robert B. Kaskey (President of R-Kane Nutritionals) and his team as a high protein meal replacement shake or pudding. You may have experienced a few different websites over the years, but it has always been Good Health LLC behind the scenes.

So Good Health decided to build a mobile website dedicated to R-Kane products, so you can order your Pro-Cal 100 Shakes, and Z-Pro 25 diet shakes on-the-go right from your tablet, smartphone, or any mobile device, with no registration necessary.

Master Pete McKeown the founder and CEO of Good Health LLC has won several top distributor awards including Distributor of the Year. He is a New Zealand native and grew up on a 1000 acre mixed-arable farm where "pasture to plate" was a way-of-life, not a trend. He is also, of course a Rugby fanatic. He coached college Rugby in Colorado for many years after his 22-year stint as a martial arts instructor of 10 Dojang locations and earned his 5th degree black belt in before selling those schools and moving into supplement manufacturing, sales and distribution worldwide. Pete is a avid follower of world renown "Life Extension" scientists and anti-aging authors Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw and still takes their supplements to this day, some 40 years later.

Currently Pete is semi-retired and loves the outdoors. You'll find him gardening or boating on the lakes in Colorado in the summer, or sitting on a beach somewhere in the winter with his family.

Best of Health,

Good Health LLC.


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